Everyone knows that they have to pay their Taxes (T1 & T2) at the end of the year. For Canadians, that entails a notice of assessment, a Tax Return (T1 & T2), an audit or even some compounding of the three.

For many of these people, these things happen during “Tax Season.” But a smart business person knows that “Tax Season” really stretches all year long.


Whether you are running a farm by yourself or a large corporation with a squad of mates, Tax (T1 & T2) Planning has to be an constitutional component of your day-to-day operations. If you are not taking steps all year-round to derogate the amount you’ll finally have to pay in Taxes (T1 & T2), then you are costing your business vast amounts of income that it will never get back. That’s clipping directly into your profits.

There’s a way to keep off that trouble, nevertheless: keep your Taxes (T1 & T2) in mind all year long.

Registered below are just 4 ways that you can keep active in regards to minimizing Tax costs during your regular operations. Consider at least a couple of these options – and you’ll for sure see much less money leave your pouches come Tax (T1 & T2) season next year, as a result.

1. Look Into Research Opportunities

There are numerous Tax (T1 & T2) bonuses accessible to Farmers and Farm Industry who are fascinated in doing some work on the government’s behalf. For example, farmers can sign up to permit their crops and livestock to be examined or researched, and receive substantial Tax (T1 & T2) credits as a result.

So, if you are searching one way to save on your Farm Taxes (T1 & T2) at the end of the year, consider what incentives the government is presently providing in exchange for research collaboration – you may discover that the added work is well worth the investment.

2. You May Want To Consider Income Splitting

Often used among Canadian farmers, the process of income splitting or breaking mentions to individuals who redirect their farm’s income to others within the family group. This allows them to take advantage of lower Tax (T1 & T2) brackets, or to arrogate additional deductions to which they’d not be eligible to on a regular basis.

So, if you have family members who pay Taxes (T1 & T2) at a lower rate than you do, you may be capable to defer some of your income to them – and then pay much less rates at the end of the year as a result.

3. Is Your Farm Incorporated?

Another way to save money on your Taxes (T1 & T2) could be to incorporate your farm. In some situations, organizing and registering your farm as its own corporation could pay off in the form of much lower Tax (T1 & T2) rates. However, that’s not always the case – so inquire the possibility with someone who specializes in Farm Taxes (T1 & T2) like Accountable Business Services (ABS) ABSPROF earlier establishing a conclusion one way or the other.

4. Consider Investing in Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Some of the processes detailed above – such as incorporating your farm, or splitting your income – are quite complicated. Someone busy with the day-to-day maintenance of their farm may not be able to find the time required to investigate whether or not incorporating their farm would be a smart financial move. For those individuals, there are Accounting and Tax Services firms ready and waiting to provide help.

Minimizing Taxes and maximizing tax credits is something that all business owners – from farms to brand-name executives – need to do all year long. With the help of a firm that will minimize Canadian farm taxes on your behalf, your organization will be able to bring in more money this year than it ever has before.

So, while tax payments, and all the processes required to minimize them, may seem complicated, there’s no need to worry: accounting and bookkeeping firms are ready and waiting to offer priceless support.

Accountable Business Services (ABS) ABSPROF is one of the leading Accounting and Bookkeeping firm for Farm Industry in Alberta specially Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer. We provide a full range of cost-effective Accounting Services, including:

Financial Statement Preparation

Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)

New Business Accounting System Set-up

Tax (T1 & T2) Return Preparation

Personal Financial Statements

Our deep knowledge of Business and Accounting permits us to offer you with opportunities to improve your Business.

We recognize that our clients expect more from us than a balance sheet and income statement. To be successful, sound business decisions need to be based on exact and well timed financial information and we point to help you stay forward with the correct information.

We recognize that every practice is incomparable, so we never accept a single approach. Alternatively, we help you determine your individual practice and business needs, so that we can present your personalized financial information in an understandable manner. With us, you can rest assured that you will know exactly where you are, so you can get to where you want to be.

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