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Public Accountant in Edmonton

Accountable Business Services Professionals is a Registered Canadian Business located in Alberta, Canada. We provide Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Services by using the latest cloud based technologies to different organizations ranging from small to large scale businesses. Our aim is to reduce the burden of critical non-core functions by managing them in a more efficient, productive, and profitable manner. By doing so, we seek to support and enhance the business performance of our customers.

When you’re a small business owner or self-employed individual, you want to focus on growing and marketing your business. Let Accountable Business Services help you succeed with our range of accounting, billing, tax, and payroll services so you can focus on what matters most to you — your business. Contact a trained public accountant in Edmonton today to get started.

Our Services

We can help you in the following areas.


You want to ensure that your business is as profitable as possible. With our services, your business can be. We offer full cycle accounting, as well as bookkeeping, management reports, audits, research and development, process costing, and training. We also can help with service costing, as well as policies and procedures.


Keep your finances in line. We manage budgeting, forecasting, accounts receivable and payable, and cash flows.


Pay all employees fairly and correctly with our services. We provide payroll, human resources, and T4 services.


Taxes can be confusing, so let an experienced tax accountant handle the hard work. We can file corporate, self-employment, or even personal taxes. We also can provide business planning and strategies for the next tax season.

Quality You Can Trust

Accountable Business Services is dedicated to your success. That’s why we provide our services at a price you can afford with quality experience you’ll appreciate.

As a local, small business ourselves, we understand the struggles and challenges that many of our clients, including you, face. We customize our services to what your business needs, and we adhere to all laws and regulations that your company follows.

Additionally, we use only the most up-to-date technology to safeguard your business and streamline our services. That way, we can also guarantee more accurate results, fast turnaround times, and increased profitability and success for you.

Contact 1-888-572-6555 to learn more or fill out our online form for detailed inquiries.

Our services can be classified into 4 Major Categories as below:


Billing /


Accounting /




  • Accounts Receivable;
  • Accounts Payable:
  • Cash Flows;
  • Forecasting and Budgeting;


  • Full Cycle Accounting;
  • Bookkeeping Solutions;
  • Service Costing;
  • Management Reports;
  • Internal and IT Audit;
  • Research and Development;
  • Process Costing;
  • Policies and Procedures;
  • Accounting Software’s;
  • Teaching and Training etc.


  • T4’s and Payroll;
  • Advisory;
  • Human Resources;
  • Presentations;


  • S.T Treatment and Filing;
  • Corporate (Business) Taxes;
  • Self-Employment Taxes;
  • Personal Taxes;
  • Planning Strategies;
  • Business Planning;


Why deal with a huge accounting firm where you could get lost in the shuffle when you could take advantage of our personalized local services? Our office owners, like you are small business owners. We are familiar with what it takes to succeed and have helped countless small business owners to do so.

Sustaining and enhancing the quality of this professional workforce is our primary objective. Wherever we operate we want our firms to be no less than the professional employers of choice.

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