The Small Business Deduction is a Canadian Income Tax (T2) Deduction available to Businesses that were Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs) throughout a particular Tax (T2) year. It cuts back the Part I Tax (T2) that a corporation would have to pay otherwise.

Small-Business-Deductions-and-Accounting-SolutionsCCPC is a private corporation that is incorporated in Canada (Canadian resident) with perfectly no direct/indirect foreign control or public corporation, or listed on a foreign or any stock exchange.

Effective January 1, 2008 the Small Business Deduction rate is 17% federal Tax (T2) rate on active business income, dependent on the level of income (currently the limit is CAD$500,000); which would otherwise be between 15% to 28%. In other words it applies to the first $500,000 of a corporation’s income.

Active Business includes any business/trade income other than income from property, such as: rent and royalties, etc.; or a corporate that provides personal services, or has less than 6 full-time employees.

That being said, corporations providing personal services are subject to the highest Tax (T2) rate of 28%, and qualify for deductions only on income and benefits for the incorporated employee.

Large corporations may also qualify for the Small Business Deduction, provided the corporation is a CCPC with a Taxable capital (includes retained earnings, long-term debt, etc.) between $10 million to $15 million, and nothing more.

Some provinces also provide the Small Business Deduction, however the low Tax (T2) rates, and qualifying income limits vary from province to province.

For Example: A corporate earns $750,000 in a Tax (T2) year; by using the Small Business Deduction, the corporate will pay federal Taxes (T2) at a rate of 11% on $500,000, and the remaining amount of $250,000 will be taxed at 15%.

When formulating its corporate income Tax (T2) form, a Canadian-controlled private corporation claiming the Small Business Deduction would calculate its allowable Small Business Deduction by multiplying the Small Business Deduction rate by the least of the following amounts:

  • The income from active business carried on in Canada;
  • The taxable income;
  • The business limit; or
  • The reduced business limit (Canada Revenue Agency).

The maximum allowable business limit for a corporation that is not associated with any other corporation is $500,000 for the calendar year 2009 or later ($400,000 if the calendar year is 2007 or 2008).

As with any information Business Development Centre presents regarding Taxes (T2), Deductions and the like, always talk to Accountable Business Services (ABS) ABSPROF and/or call the CRA for the final authority.

The CRA allows any “reasonable business expense” as a Deduction. It defines business expenses as “certain costs that are healthy for a particular type of Business, and that are found for the aims of earning income. Business expenses can be deducted for Tax (T2) purposes. Personal, living, or other expenses not affiliated the business cannot be deducted for Tax (T2) purposes.”

Be aware that what is “reasonable” for one business may not be for yours. Again, it must be used for a specific business purpose – if you buy and /or use vehicles or equipment for both personal and business purposes, be sure to identify each, and only claim the business portion. All expenses must be supported by receipts and these must be kept for at seven years in case of a CRA audit.

Partial List of Common Deductions:

  • Accounting & Legal fees (related to business activities)
  • Advertising expenses
  • Automobile expenses
  • Bank Charges
  • Business Taxes & Business Licenses
  • Collection Agency fees
  • Conference and Convention fees
  • Expert Advice (consultant fees, for instance)
  • Interest expenses (on money borrowed to run your business)
  • Insurance expenses (for buildings, machinery or equipment)
  • Internet and web hosting fees (business use)
  • Membership Dues (for business-related organizations)
  • Meals and Entertainment expenses
  • Office Rent expenses
  • Office Supplies expenses
  • Postage & Courier expenses
  • Private Health Service Plan (PHSP) premiums
  • Promotion expenses

Tax (T2) situations can be complicated, and abiding by the Tax (T2) regulations may be further stressful especially if there are possibilities of penalties for non-compliance.

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