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It is truly hard to believe that another year has gone by so quickly. In many ways it has been an eventful year with it being an election one. As the year comes to a close the general aura of the Canadian population seems to be one with a more positive outlook.

Merry-ChristmasHere at Accountable Business Services (ABS) ABSPROF we would like to take this time to extend our thanks to our many clients and website visitors that have followed us throughout this past year. We too are full of anticipation for the upcoming New Year. We are making many plans of our own to assist our clients in whatever way possible to help them with their taxes, and to guide them towards their prosperity.

As an accounting firm of course our priority is the solid tax situation of each and every one of our clients. At the same time we feel that our responsibility should be extended into assisting our clients in regards to their financial stability by offering as much information as possible.

Throughout the new upcoming year it is our intention to stay on top of the government proposals concerning those that affect the finances of our clients both on the personal and business level. We hope to be able to bring you opinions and new takes on whatever happenings are taking place throughout the year.

It is also our intention that as we gather information that may be beneficial to you to help you keep your finances organized, that we pass this along to you in a friendly and informative matter. We hope you are as excited about the New Year as we are, and we extend our sincere Thank You and Seasons Greetings to you and your family, and wish you a very healthy and prosperous new year.

Accountable Business Services (ABS) ABSPROF is an Accounting and Tax Services firm. We offers our services in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer on a very low rates with high quality of work. Feel free to Contact Us for your Accounting and Tax issues.

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