Tax interest and punishments add up lightning fast. If you did not file a Tax (T1 & T2) Return because you did not have the income to pay what was due, or you filed but simply did not pay, you have gotten yourself into quite a predicament. And the more you let this situation go, the more likely you’re going to pay for it and pay for it big.

Non-Filed-Tax-ReturnsWe’re asked to pay Tax (T1 & T2) in Canada, and a significant amount of money of our profit goes to pay Tax (T1 & T2). Why not have a professional prepare your Tax Return (T1 & T2) and help you in Tax planning? The target of Tax Planning is to optimize or defer Taxes (T1 & T2) payable. Individuals are given the chance to prepare their financial matters in the most healthful means possible within the rules of the Income Tax Act. Many Canadians do not give much thought to Tax (T1 & T2) Planning until it is time to file their Tax (T1 & T2) Returns. However, it is the Tax (T1 & T2) Planning throughout the year that will save the most money at Tax (T1 & T2) time.

Accountable Business Services (ABS) ABSPROF offers Income Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, Past Due Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, Non Filed Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, Past Years Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, Pending Years Tax (T1 T2) Returns, Back Tax (T1 & T2) Returns Filing and Preparation, Tax (T1 & T2) Planning, Non-Resident Tax, U.S Canada Tax, Corporate Tax (T2), Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to Alberta specially Edmonton Area, St Albert, Strathcona County, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Fort Mcmurray, Grande Prairie, Airdrie, Banff Canmore, Lloydminster and all over Canada on a very low cost.

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NOT Filing your Tax (T1 & T2) Returns is an offense and non-compliance.

Penalty for not Filing Tax (T1 & T2) Returns can be very serious. Don’t think you can continue to get away with it. As the computer system at the CRA gets more complex and advanced, the chances of you getting flagged and caught increase exponentially.

But here’s what you can do…

First, let us assist you follow with the law. By adopting the first step and Filing your Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, you can still take advantage of the deductions and allowances due to you. Yes, you are still going to owe Taxes, and likely penalties and interest, as well, but if you wait for the CRA to take care of your problem for you, they are going to do so in the best interest of the government with little thought or interest in your bottom line.

By voluntarily Filing all overdue Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, you will save yourself further problems, and we can help you do that.

Once your Tax (T1 & T2) Returns are current, we can look at your total due and help you make a plan of action to cure the position.

Accountable Business Services (ABS) ABSPROF restore peacefulness, our qualified Tax (T1 & T2) specialists possess the knowledge and experience necessary to correct Pending Tax (T1 & T2) Files for individuals or business owners. By voluntarily submitting your Non-Filed Returns through our offices, equitable settlements can be more promptly managed and Tax penalties and interest payments can be considerably reduced.

The first step to rectifying a Tax File involves the professional preparation of all Unfiled Returns, a knowledgeable judgment of all payments and penalties due, and the implementation of Accountable Business Services (ABS) ABSPROF strategies to relieve or cut down Tax liability.

Delaying the handling of your Non-Filed Taxes (T1 & T2) will ensue in the CRA Filing on your behalf with small or no consideration for deductions to which you are truly eligible. Managing your personal Unfiled Returns is not recommended in cases of Tax delinquency. The successful resolution of Tax arrears requires professional counseling and representation. When counted against the potential loss of time, income, or more dangerous financial loss, enlisting the skillful leadership of Accountable Business Service (ABS) ABSPROF allows true savings in the long run.

So don’t worry regarding to your Income Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, Past Due Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, Non Filed Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, Past Years Tax (T1 & T2) Returns, Pending Years Tax (T1 T2) Returns, Back Tax T1 & T2 Returns Filing and Preparation just Contact Us and we will take you out from this problem on very affordable rates.

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