The key to minimizing tax liability is careful planning, but it’s not easy for busy individuals and business owners to do that on their own. It takes considerable financial experience, and that’s exactly what Accountable Business Services (ABS) offers.

Individual-Income-Tax–Tax-Planning-and-PreparationWhether you’re a small business owner seeking proactive income tax planning or an individual who wants to get the most back on their tax return, Accountable Business Services is here to help. Our firm is skilled in all aspects of income tax planning and preparation and delivers our services with honesty and integrity. Accountable Business Services offers services in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary and all over Canada to the honorable Canadians.

The primary objective of our tax services is to minimize a client’s overall tax burden whenever and wherever possible. In order to achieve this, our tax planning and preparation services are directed primarily toward constructive tax planning beginning early in the year and maintaining close contact with our clients throughout the year.

The tax services we offer include not only the preparation and review of income tax returns, but also advance planning to minimize future taxes, advice on tax effects of proposed transactions, corporate reorganizations, assistance in such tax-oriented areas as executive compensation, pension plans, tax reporting and planning, and other similar continuing services. We also have experience in providing assistance and advice in negotiations with taxing authorities.

As a leading Accounting firm, we provide comprehensive tax planning and tax preparation services to small, mid-sized, Enterprise businesses and individuals. Whether you’re filing your taxes on time or need assistance filing back taxes, we can help. Our clients rely on us to stay abreast of changing tax laws and provide sound advice based on our extensive and wide-ranging experience.

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