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As a business owner and Corporate T2 Tax Return payer, you can often benefit from hiring a Corporate T2 Tax Return filing experts to handle your Corporate T2 Tax Return Preparation Service needs; but before you spend your hard-earned cash, make sure the team you choose to take of your business is fully capable of doing so.

With an emphasis on communication, Accountable Business Services (ABS Prof) created a unique opportunity for small, medium and large business owners and entrepreneurs. By allowing our clients to have ‘constant contact’ with our Corporate T2 Tax and Accounting experts, they are able to receive real-time answers to questions, whenever the need arises, without continually charging them large fees for the consultations.

Corporate Income Tax ReturnIn business, making poor or uneducated choices can often lead to financial despair. It is a common scenario for small business owners, without the capital to retain corporate council or a large Accounting and Tax Services firm, to agree to contracts or other important decisions without any real understanding of the consequences surrounding those decisions. Born out of necessity, this practice often leads to unexpected tax consequences down the road.

By utilizing the Accountable Business Services (ABS Prof) service, business owners are never too far from expert advice. Catering to clients in all Alberta, accounting teams are available online to service clients in all cities and towns of Alberta Edmonton Area, Calgary and Canada at very affordable rates.

With this service in place, actual Corporate T2 Tax Return preparation Service for our clients is done in an accurate and informed manner. Because we deal primarily with small, medium and large business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs, we know the road you travel on every day. We know how to assess legitimate loopholes on your behalf and prepare your Corporate T2 Taxes with the highest possible refund in mind. It’s your job to make the money – It’s our job to help you keep more of it.

Our company is locally owned and offers Corporate T2 Tax Return preparation Service to individuals, small businesses, and corporations. Accountable Business Services (ABS Prof) provides services to Tax Payers, Proprietorships, and Corporations in Edmonton Area, Calgary, Red Deer and all across Alberta Canada, but for your information we want to inform you that If you take our Services outside the Edmonton Area then we charge for travel time all across Alberta in addition to our low flat rate.

Offering Corporate T2 Tax Returns Service is our specialty. We have a system in place that allows us to prepare accurate corporate tax returns at a fraction of the fees charged by most tax filing specialists. Although the current market rate for preparing a corporate tax return is between $900 and $1,500, we provide the same quality work starting from $175 per tax year.

How we do it? It is simple. After several years of offering Corporate T2 Tax Return Service for thousands of clients we developed a unique way to minimize the cost while maintaining the high quality required for offering Corporate T2 Tax Return Service.

Also, we have a number of Accounting Packages available for clients who choose to run their business and not worry about their books. We always customize our accounting services to suit your individual needs.

Here is the list of items we usually ask for to prepare a Corporate T2 Tax Return:

(1) First and last pages of the registration documents (Articles of Incorporation)

(2) Full address, telephone number for corporation and owners

(3) Business Number (HST number)

       Provincial Corp. Tax Account Number

       Provincial Corporation Number

(4) Shareholders Names

       Social Insurance Numbers

       % of shares owned & type

(5) Incorporation Date

       Corp. Year End

(6) Bank statements, cancelled cheques

(7) All sales invoices or a summary

(8) All purchase invoices or a summary

(9) All other bills & any significant contracts

(10) All GST/HST, Payroll, WSIB, etc.. reports filed during the tax year

(11) List of all personal bank deposits

(12) List of equipment purchased and/or sold

If you have any question or require assistance, please contact us on following address. Don’t forget to let us know that you are looking for Corporate T2 Tax Return preparation Service. We do offer priority services to corporate clients.

Contact Details

Accountable Business Services 9905 104 St NW T5K 2G5 Edmonton

Support Call: 780 (850) 4786 & 403 (478) 6441

Fax Number: 780-669-7960



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