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If you’re self-employed business owner, you should begin to think about getting prepare for Tax Filing season, as the April deadline is just around the niche. Though your actual Filing deadline as a self-employed person is June 15, if you have Taxes owing they’re due April 30 to head off interest and penalties.

If you have employees, hopefully you’ve started developing T4 slips to meet this year’s March 2 deadline. Regrettably, every year, millions of Canadians make mistakes when preparing their Taxes, many of them are simple misplays but also mathematical mis-estimations. If you have made some blunders on your Taxes before, you know that the CRA is not the one to simply write it off. Mistakes can lead to audits, assessments and penalties that attain interest the longer fees go unpaid.


The following hints are some of the more basic mistakes made at Tax time that you should do your best to avoid:

Filling the wrong Social Insurance Number

Your Social Insurance Number is unique to you and you alone. But you may be amazed at how often Tax Filers enroll the wrong number, a mistake that’s generally exercised when you’re hurrying or not paying attention. Once you enter your number, take an additional a couple of seconds to go over it again, as getting it wrong could refuse you of Tax credits you are due to receive.

Ignoring Mathematical Errors

Unless your job requires you to perpetually be using calculations, you believably could use a refresher in your mathematics skills. That’s not to say that anybody leaves basic arithmetic, but it’s easy to make mistakes on Tax forms. Allotted, most people today thanks to eFiling are able to use tax calculators, which get the right answer every time. But these calculations can only translate what you enter, meaning that if you enter the wrong data, your total will be inexact as well. You can avoid this by double checking your numbers or by relying on an Accountable Business Services (ABS) Tax experts to care the full process for you.

Entering the wrong Marital Status

Whether you’re married or single, you will require to put down the correct status on page 1. If you enter the wrong marital status, you could be robbing yourself of a tax deduction. Do not show separation until you have been separated for more than 90 consecutive days. A common-law relationship exists when you have been living together for at least 12 months or you have children together through birth or adoption. Be sure you enter your marital status correctly as well as the number of dependents you can claim if you are a parent.

Leaving to Sign your Income Tax Return or Cheque

Odds are you’ve sent a cheque out before to a debtor without attaching your signature. What always follows is the company or person that receives the cheque has to send it back to you before it can be cashed. The same rule applies if you do not sign your Tax form, whether by hand or electronically. Failure or forgetting to sign will delay the Filing process as well as what money you have coming to you. If you owe the government money, make sure you sign the cheque as well. Everyone makes mistakes, but with these tips, you can avoid common pitfalls, assisting to make the process more controllable. For additional suggestions, talk with an Accountable Business Services (ABS) Tax specialists.

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