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We offer a wide range of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in cloud based environment for small to large scale businesses in Canada. Bookkeeping outsourcing is a rapidly growing trend and many small businesses are getting benefited by outsourcing to us. We are their best kept secret!

  1. Accounting & Bookkeeping in Cloud Based Solutions

    Header 21We offer bookkeeping services in cloud based environment for small to large scale businesses in USA and Canada. Bookkeeping outsourcing is a rapidly growing trend and many small businesses are getting benefited by outsourcing to us. We are their best kept secret!

    Our virtual bookkeeping services have shattered standards for cost versus quality! Our Bookkeeping services includes the cloud based solutions business setup with full cycle accounting and bookkeeping, billing, invoicing & their aging in addition to the following:

    • Business Setup in Cloud based Accounting Solutions
    • Chart of Account Setup
    • Employees and Payroll Setup
    • Federal and State Taxes in Cloud Tax Solutions

    Proper record-keeping is an important component for every business. However, it can quickly consume more time than anticipated and easily turn into a hassle. We specialize in accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services to small and medium-sized corporations and businesses.

  2. Corporate (Business) & Self-Employment Taxes

    ServicesCorporate Tax Laws are becoming complex and sophisticated, and its interaction with the Canada Income Taxes makes it even more complex. Our trained corporate tax professionals are fully eligible colleagues, creating a powerful team for companies with operations in even outside of Canada. Added to this is the potential burden of tax reporting in the different other states, most of which have their own tax laws that often differ from the federal tax law and each other. Our Canadian Corporate Tax Specialists deals full-time with tax planning, compliance and advice for Canadian Small to Large Scale Businesses. Our services include the following:


    • determining when it is possible for you to stay out of the tax net
    • minimizing your state tax exposure
    • determining when tax filings are required or recommended
    • preparing your federal and state income tax returns
    • structuring that suits your business
    • evaluating the effect of sending employees to the United States or hiring employees in the United States
    • repatriating profits from your business
    • facilitating your purchase or sale of your business
    • keeping you informed about tax incentives
    • implementing tax loss utilization strategies
  3. Personal Taxes

    Time for TaxesIf you provide services through a corporation that’s considered a “personal services business” for tax purposes, the tax deferral advantage this structure offered is disappearing because of a tax rate increase that has just become law.

    We prepare personal income tax returns throughout the year. We understand changing tax laws and regulations and can assist you with developing solutions consistent with your requirements and objectives.

    We offer convenient, accurate, and affordable tax preparation. As Canada’s leading tax preparers, we guarantee you’ll get the maximum refund possible, and we provide you with 12 months of tax support with every return we do for you.

    Your corporation may be considered a personal services business if you provide services on behalf of the corporation to another company and you would reasonably be considered an employee or officer of that company but for the existence of the corporation. If your corporation employs more than five full-time employees or provides services to an associated corporation, it is generally not considered a personal services business.

  4. Smart Way of Serving

    Accounting N.G.Our state-of-the-art smart way of serving enable our clients happy and carefree from their additional tasks of keeping records and data handling penetrations.
    We save the client’s time and efforts through just a few simple steps:

    1. We just request the Clients to send their source documents with a brief business introduction.
    2. We process the above information in Cloud based solutions.
    3. Finally, we send the Reports to our Clients

  5. Smart Technology

    Header 5Our primary goal is to make the businesses grow through our expert advices and smart technology.
    Our team is well aware of using latest tools and technology that enable our clients to spread their business in other States as well.
    Through our smart technology and expert advices the business persons feel comfortable and become carefree from their record keeping burdens and their focus then divert to their normal business operations only.

Quality Services at Affordable Prices

Accounting & Taxes
• Accounting ($30 per hour)
• Bookkeeping ($25 per hour)
• Personal Taxes (Starts $25 per tax year)
• Corporate Tax Returns (Starts $175 per tax year)
• Corporate Tax Planning ($30 per hour)
• Audit Assistance ($35 per hour)
Statements & Advisory
• Financial Statements ($50 per set of statements)
• Budget & Planning ($35 per hour)
• Forecasting ($35 per hour)
• Variance Analysis ($25 per hour)
• Management Reports; etc. ($50 per report)
• Business Advisory ($40 per hour)

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ABS Professionals have provided us a cost effective Business, Accounting & Tax Solution. Their work procedures are impressive. Review at every stage of project is a value added service; we never received before.



Dedicated Services

Hi! It is good to have really wonderful services that I never get before with true dedication and honesty. Sincere Thanks W.J. Scott

W. Scot
Self Employed

“We have used AB Services

“We have used AB Services for the last three years. Herman and team always implement legitimate ways / deductions in preparation of our taxes. He is always there to answer our questions when we make new business decisions or need accounting / tax advice along with effective tax planning for our small business. “

Jocson A.

Working with ABS- Prof !!

What a start to the year 2015!! all due to my Tax Pros (Herman & Team). Last year I had 8 years of Personal & Business Tax years pending till mid of the 2014. I contacted this team in July and started the project, and November I was done with my tax burdens, filings and also earned significant refunds, which I was not expecting to get. Now this summer I will be on long vacation. I recommend ABS-Prof to all, who wanted an educated and knowledgeable service with very low prices and life time business relationship. Cheers…..!!

Landscapper & Bob Cat Services !!

I love the way ABS treated me

10 years of Corporate Tax & GST filing was a difficult task for me; and I found ABS on Google and Kijiji, verified their Business License and here you go! The $ rates were so affordable and personalized services were too available (never had it before). I recommend Herman and Team (Canada Wide) and wish them great luck !!

Mike M (Film company in Banff, AB)
Mountain Film

Awesome flexible services at affordable prices

You are providing awesome services with affordable price. I like your flexible services for one man business like mine.

Donald. H


Welcome to the team of dedicated Accounting and Tax Specialists!